Tough Wear

At Ayykay we are offering different types of tough wear, work trainers, and footwear in a wide range of color sizes. We are offering tough wear for both men’s and women’s. Browse our tough wear category to buy the perfect shoe for you.

Safety Shoes:

If you are working in a factory or some construction site, not wearing the right work trainers consequently causes problems for you. Foot injury comprises 60% of industrial accidents, according to research, therefore it is crucial to select the right footwear if you care about safety.

There is a large variety of safety shoes that are available in the market; therefore, it is necessary to go for a pair of shoes that not only fit the job role but also provide safety.

The color goes for fashion; air absorbing capabilities tell about comfort while steel toe cap is a measure of the heavy-duty nature of shoes.

Why You Need Saftey Shoes?

In the case of falling of heavy objects and slip etc., you can have a foot injury. So saftey shoes give you protection from this situation. You will be able to recognize the importance of safety shoes after you understand that the price which is related to injury and the troubles suffered by workers are not limited to a specific country. A lot of countries in the world are implementing strict standards for the safety of workers. After making safety shoes compulsory at the workplace, Canada has succeeded in reducing foot injuries by sixty percent. Now you can understand the importance of safety shoes.

Why Us?

We are supplying our products for many years. Ayykay is committed to quality, great pricing, and super-fast delivery. We manufacture our safety trainer in the UK. At Ayykay we are offering free delivery all over the UK Mainland. We are offering almost all types of men’s and women’s and also kids fashion wear. Browse our website and select the most suitable safety trainer for you at affordable prices. If you have any questions, Message us we will respond to you ASAP!